Te ao Māori (the Māori world) encompasses all aspects of Māori knowledge and ways of being. Te Ao Māori persists, even in urban settings, through expressions of whakaaro Māori (Māori thought) and the exercise of mana motuhakeand tino rangatiratanga (practices of agency and self-determination). A significant site for the assertion of Māori rangatiratanga is through forms of visual sovereignty. Indigenous visual sovereignty involves Māori control over our own self and cultural representations, and is crucial to expressing, maintaining and reclaiming Te Ao Māori in colonising contexts.  Hīnātore (a glimmer of light) focuses on creating visual texts which affirm Te Ao Māori in all its diversity. This project understands these visual texts not simply as representations, but as taonga (treasures). As taonga, these texts actively evoke and mobilise decolonising practices and encourage Māori ways of thinking, being and doing in the world.

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